Real Estate has generally been going up in value over the past decade, especially Massachusetts Real Estate. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 5 most expensive towns in Massachusetts. We will look at the average home price for each town.

1. Brookline- $2,128,454


Wow. Now that’s a high price tag for an average home in a town.

2. Wellesley- $2,087,254


Coming in at a close second, Wellesley boasts extremely high home prices.

3. Lexington- $1,791,259


With a nearly $300,000 gap behind second place, Lexington still shines in the top 3.

4. Newton- $1,485,317


Another large gap of around $300,000 places Newton in 4th.

5. Cambridge- $1,466,973

city manager.jpg

Barely making the top 5 is Cambridge.