7 Items You Need To Have For Your Big Move

First Apartment Checklist ✓

The Ultimate Guide

Congrats on your new apartment! You may now be wondering, what do I need to bring and buy for it? We have the definitive first apartment checklist covered. 

Moving can be stressful. It's hard enough to find an apartment that meets all your requirements. Now you want to make it into your home for the foreseeable future. This may sound easy, but if not prepared and ready to go, is a daunting task.

Here is the list of essential items you will need for your new apartment. 

1) Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper

Potentially one of the most important items on the list. Need we say more?

2) WiFi


You have the apartment. But now you need to connect to the rest of the world. WiFi plans differ depending on the provider. However, here is our suggestion for the best WiFi setup.

Recommended WiFi Bundles


3) Couch


You can have guests over now. Give them a place to sit. No need to sit on the floor anymore.

Recommended Couches

4) Mattress


Maybe the most essential item? Sleep is key, and you need a mattress to get the best quality sleep. Best investment for your apartment.

Recommended Mattresses

5) Dishes

Dish Set

Unless you're planning on eating out of the fridge for the remainder of your lease, I would suggest getting some dishes. Here are a couple sets that we recommend.

Recommended Dish Sets

6) Pots & Pans

Pots & Pans
Pots & Pans

Even if you aren't planning on becoming the next iron chef, you will need some kitchenware in the off chance you make a meal. Here are some sets we recommend.

Recommended Pots & Pans

7) TV


Sure, your laptop has all the streaming capabilities you will need. However, TVs still have a lot to offer. The pricing on TVs has gone down over the past years. Or you could just use that old TV a friend or family member needs throw away.

The websites that will become your best friend during this process include Amazon, Craigslist, Best Buy, and Facebook Marketplace. If you have roommates, remember the cost is split so the impact on your wallet is much less. Hopefully this first apartment checklist helps you when settling into your new home.

Stay tuned for more articles on Apartment News and Tips. If you are looking for an apartment in the Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville area, please contact one of our agents and we will be happy to help you in your search!



James Alperin is a Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Agent. He helps clients rent apartments and purchase property in the Boston area.